Little Miami Flower Company History

little miami flower company - alstroemeriaThe seed of our company was planted by my mother, Pat Waymire. For weeks she had been searching everywhere for high quality flowers to decorate her home; on a number of occasions she turned to my father and planted the same seed of desire within him. He knew there was only one thing he could do – plant and grow the flowers himself.

Coming from generations of grain farmers, my father possessed both the knowledge and the skill to nurture his idea and make it grow. After several successful trials, my parents noticed something about their flowers. They seemed not only fresher than other flowers, but also brighter and bolder in color. They decided that this was a gift too glorious for merely two people and therefore began sharing their flowers with friends and neighbors. This is when LMFC sprouted into existence. Our locally owned business is alive and healthy via the nurturing hands of my parents, my family, self and staff of 15.

We maintain the same standard of growing today that my father always has, ensuring that each flower is a little fresher, a little brighter, and growing each as if it were for my mother.

We at Little Miami Flower Co. take pride in our locally owned business. Being so “close to home” we can provide guaranteed fresh flowers to you within a few days of an order to our wholesalers.

To our special customers, who have been with us for so long, please accept our gratitude and thanks for your years of dedication and support. The fruition of our efforts would have never bloomed if not for you.

~Chris Waymire
& The Staff of the Little Miami Flower Co.

Disclaimer: Due to many contributing factors, we cannot guarantee that the colors displayed on this website will exactly match the color of the product. We have gone to great lengths to portray colors as accurately as possible.