What We Do

Harvest Timing
Our success is in the details. We cut one, two, sometimes even three times a day. We carefully hand pick our flowers at the optimum time just before opening. The result is larger blooms and brighter colors than those cut prematurely. Designers can immediately put Little Miami flowers into arrangements and see them open beautifully the next day.

When flowers are picked closer to opening, each stem has more value. With Little Miami flowers, you should expect a lily with five blooms to have at least four open with color. If picked too green, often only one or two of the blooms will open. Open blooms mean more value, greater appeal, and more customer satisfaction with longer vase life.

Plant Material
We purchase high quality bulbs and plants from the best in the industry.  In return, we get a stronger stem and more blooms than the industry standard.

Disclaimer: Due to many contributing factors, we cannot guarantee that the colors displayed on this website will exactly match the color of the product. We have gone to great lengths to portray colors as accurately as possible.