About Little Miami Flower Company

The Seed

The seed of our company was planted by Pat Waymire. For weeks she had been searching for high quality flowers to decorate her home; on a number of occasions she turned to her husband John, and planted the same seed of desire within him. He knew there was only one thing he could do – plant and grow the flowers for himself. Applying the cumulative knowledge of generations of farmers, John and Pat grew their own flowers and immediately noticed that their blooms were exceptionally long-lasting, with consistently bold and bright colors. The seed was planted, nurtured, and soon it grew into the Little Miami Flower Company. Read more about our company’s history…

Same Great Product

About Little Miami Flower CompanyToday, the 62,000 square foot Little Miami greenhouse is a high-tech operation in which computers control all variables to create the optimum growing environment. The result is the same as John and Pat’s early efforts – a flower that’s a little fresher, a little brighter – a flower you’ll easily sell to your customers.

Disclaimer: Due to many contributing factors, we cannot guarantee that the colors displayed on this website will exactly match the color of the product. We have gone to great lengths to portray colors as accurately as possible.